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The BASIC job board offers affiliate members and other Boston area companies the opportunity to market current job postings. The specific qualifications and contact information for each job may be accessed by clicking the "Position" link for the job. Please do not contact BASIC management about the jobs listed below, unless you need to report a problem with this web page or that a posted position has been filled.

If you are interested in sharing a job posting with the BASIC community, please consider emailing the job directly to the BASIC listserv or emailing the job to the BASIC website chairs for posting on the website.
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December 06, 2018
Research Contractor, Food and Capital Markets Program

December 04, 2018
Assistant Trader

NorthStar Asset Management

November 29, 2018
Business Development Associate

Green Century Capital Management

November 29, 2018
Finance, Administration and Operations Associate

Green Century Capital Management