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The Future of Capitalism Is Feminine

The Future of Capitalism Is Feminine

April 19, 2018 @ 6:00 PM


WeWork St. James
31 Saint James Avenue
Boston, MA 02116

An inexorable shift is happening that is recasting the fundamental role of capitalism. Companies, per Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world with $6 trillion under management, must focus on generating “sustainable” and “ethical” returns. Aside from being the “right” thing to do, copious amounts of research reveal it is the most profitable and can materially impact your income statement, balance sheet, and cost of capital.

We contend women’s influences, from leadership style and its impacts on engagement, having a different perspective on “risk,” to taking a more active role in integrating initiatives that focus on sustainable and ethical practices is at the core of this multi-faceted movement. Data from 3,000 listed firms with 50% female front office executive positions reveals 60+% better returns than the market index, and companies whose boards include more women are more likely to take on sustainable initiatives. 

Drawing in part on research from his second book, The E Ticket, join Lawler Kang, founder of League of Allies, as he presents a scientific and data-rich case why it is in all of our best interests ––from hiring managers/team leaders, CEOs and executives, and investors, to our families and our planet––to become actively involved in supporting gender parity, balance and inclusion.
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