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Roundtable for Investors Driving Change in New Political Climates

January 19, 2017 @ 5:30 PM

Our January event will be a departure from our usual meeting format. Rather than our traditional speaker/panel or networking events, we are hosting a roundtable discussion to process emotions and discuss new ideas in light of the changing political climate.

The 2016 election results have brought about a mixture of sentiments within the SRI Community. While some feel angry or hopeless, many are also optimistic and hopeful. Amid the emotions, we have also heard that now more than ever, our role as socially and environmentally conscious investors is incredibly important. 

Please join us at UUA the day before the inauguration for an open discussion about the election and what it means for SRI investors. Who should attend:

  • Those who want to be more civically engaged but may not know where to start

  • Those who are fired up to start a new initiative and want to rally supporters

  • Those who are looking to be inspired during a time of great uncertainty

  • Those who are hoping to brainstorm strategies to keep pushing the needle forward

  • Those who are looking for a productive and friendly outlet to process what this all means

  • Those who are excited to enjoy provided snacks and beverages with colleagues and friends

Please register here or below.