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Reporting 3.0's Transformation Journey Program Basecamp

Reporting 3.0's Transformation Journey Program Basecamp

November 08, 2018 @ 9:00 AM

When: November 8-9
Hosted by John Hancock/Manulife
Cost: $850+
Register here.

The evidence is clear that society faces a seemingly insurmountable task: rapidly transform our economic system to operate within the earth’s carrying capacity while justly distributing resources to meet all of humanity’s core needs. The inherent interdependence of transformation creates challenges: macro-system changes in the economy, society, and the environment both trigger – and are triggered by – changes at narrower scopes, such as shifts in meso-level industry ecoystems and micro-level business model innovation.

Surmounting such challenges requires coordinated strategizing. Invoking Interface Founder Ray Anderson’s metaphor of “Climbing Mount Sustainability,” we at Reporting 3.0 have devised the Transformation Journey Program (TJP) – a framework for spurring transformation through a multi-stage, year-long workshop series:

● Stage One – Basecamp​: Survey the topography (assess business-as-usual trajectory), review factors behind successful and failed peaking attempts (discern incrementalist versus transformative strategies), establish resilient team dynamics (collaborate across organizational boundaries), stress test all gear (vet context-based metrics)

● Stage Two – Planning the Route​: Assess different ascent approaches (conduct scenario analyses) and plot a path that breaks new ground (draft transformation plans to new business models).

● Stage Three – The Climb​: Embark on the journey (pilot transformation projects and programs), monitor progress and remain flexible as alpine conditions change (pursue iterative innovation and develop resilience), align diverse skills and expertise on team toward the common goal (coordinate collaboration at individual, organizational, sectoral, and systems levels).

● Stage Four – The Mountain Top:​ Celebrate reaching the peak, knowing there are more mountains to climb on the continuing journey toward true sustainability (calibrate progress toward strategic goal of systems change to a regenera