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MIT Impact Investing Competition

March 15, 2018 @ 5:00 PM

When: March 15 from 5 - 9 PM
Where: Samberg Conference Center at MIT Sloan
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A decade ago, a force capable of solving the world’s toughest problems emerged: Impact Investing, which harnesses entrepreneurship, innovation and capital, has proven its success in powering social and environmental change. As one of the world’s preeminent universities, MIT has a unique position to bring business and societal leaders together with academic researchers and students to drive innovation and address the most pressing social and environmental challenges.

As a result, over the summer of 2015, we created the MIT Impact Investing Initiative (MI3), a hands-on experiential program that provides MIT students with the tools and immersion to gain the skills to succeed as an impact investor. Our objective is to make the MIT community a significant contributor in the emerging field.

The MIT Impact Investing Competition is the cornerstone activity of the MI3, one in which the current and future leaders in impact investing meet. At this event, students who have formed 5 different impact-investing funds will be present a potential impact investment to a judge committee formed by industry leaders. The teams will be judged based on the commercial potential, impact potential, and deal attractiveness.