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Inclusion Is THE Competitive Advantage

Inclusion Is THE Competitive Advantage

March 28, 2019 @ 5:30 PM

Location: MIT Sloan (100 Main Street, Cambridge)

First, the real draw: If you don’t know Natasha Lamb (yet), just review last week's NY Times article “Why I Joined The Fight.” Natasha’s career focus on sustainability and equity has yielded some amazing results, from ExxonMobile, to Nike, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. Seriously, check the link. She will be sharing her perspective on the power of investor voice after the presentation and there will be time for Q&A. We are exceedingly honored to host her!

The sub-reason: we need to produce a video of our management/board presentation of “Inclusion is THE Competitive Advantage” and we need hecklers!!

Presentation Synopsis: Data is revealing that inclusion of all backgrounds on an equal and balanced basis may be the strongest determinant to long-term value creation ever “created.” The question is: how to get male execs intellectually and emotionally committed to prioritizing this objective,because the numbers aren’t really moving. Lawler Kang, CEO of League of Allies, will present compelling scientific and business cases that address both topics: the power of inclusion and getting dominant cultures on board.

A video testimonial of this presentation's sibling, Women Are THE Competitive Advantage, and some other feedback can be seen here.

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