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Illuminating the Blind Spots: Investing with a Racial Justice Lens

Illuminating the Blind Spots: Investing with a Racial Justice Lens

October 25, 2017 @ 6:00 PM

Where: Old Oak Dojo, 14 Chestnut Place, Boston MA
When: Wedn, October 25 from 6 - 8 PM
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Join BASIC for an upcoming discussion on investing with a racial justice lens. At this event, you’ll have the chance to chat with leaders in impact investing, venture capital and public equities who all incorporate racial justice into investment decision making. We will broadly explore how to invest for racial justice and then break out into smaller group discussions with each of our speakers to dive deeper into the issues.

Of note, a recent 2015 report shows that while $60 billion in venture capital funding was dispersed, female founders received 7 percent, and black male founders received only 2 percent of that windfall.[1] Moreover, even though black women are the most educated group in the nation and there was a 265 percent increase in black women-owned businesses between 1997 and 2014, a study by First Round Capital revealed that women of color received virtually no venture funding at 0.2 percent.[2]

This discussion will be ideal for those of you who may be new to using a racial justice lens. It will also be a great opportunity for those already working in this space who want to help bring awareness to the topic and discuss ways to illuminate blind spots on the topic of race and investments across different asset classes.

We will be joined by the following speakers:

- Edward Dugger III - President, Reinventure

- Pat Miguel Tomaino - Associate Director of Socially Responsible Investing, Zevin Asset Management

- Mark Watson - Managing Director, Boston Impact Initiative

- Moderator: Lucas Turner-Owens, Fund Manager, Boston Ujima Project

Please register below or at this link.