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From Waste to Wealth - The Business Opportunities in the Circular Economy

April 03, 2017 @ 5:30 PM

Location: UMass Boston Campus Center, 3rd Floor, Ballroom B

Join this discussion about emerging drivers and opportunities for small entrepreneurs working with large companies to advance the circular economy. 

The circular economy is an emerging economic paradigm that requires innovation and adapted business models for advancing zero waste practices, product design, and product reuse and remanufacturing. It is estimated that it will provide an economic opportunity of over $1 trillion as well as significant social and environmental benefits. Hear from our panelists about the factors behind their success, the challenges they face, and the future business opportunities in the circular economy.

  • John Fisher, Branch Chief, Commercial Waste Reduction & Waste Planning, Mass DEP
  • Lina Azuero, Principal Program Manager, Global Supply Chain Sustainability, Dell
  • Chris Lucarelle, Area Director Recycling Operations, Waste Management
  • Gavin Bodkin, Co-Owner/COO, Circular Blu
  • Christine Mosholder, Founder, The Furniture Trust

Dr. Vesela Veleva, Depa­rtment of Management, UMass Boston