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Conscious Capitalism Studio Series: Integrated Reporting for Conscious Capitalists

February 08, 2018 @ 5:30 PM

Hour 1: Workbar Cambridge, 45 Prospect St near Central Square, Cambridge, MA
Hour 2: area tavern

It’s hard to tell the story of a conscious company using traditional financial and business reporting. What’s the alternative? The integrated model enables you to connect financial, environmental, social, human and knowledge capitals in a holistic way. Conscious companies use this model to improve performance and attract the right investors, customers and employees. Session includes examples of both public and private reports including Prudential, Clorox and Southwest.

You'll learn: 
  • Two mega-trends that make integrated reporting inevitable
  • Three basic concepts you’ll need to create your own model
  • How to get started 

Our Speaker

Mary Adams, Founder, Smarter-Companies 

Mary helps companies develop holistic strategies to drive both profits and prosperity. Her expertise is integrated reporting that helps her clients internally, to drive better performance, and externally, to attract investment, customers and employees. Her approach has been developed during a 30-year career in finance, strategy and consulting.

Her firm, Smarter-Companies works with middle-market companies, has partnerships with consulting firms on five continents and is the founder of the Integrated Reporting U.S. Community in collaboration with the IIRC. Mary is the co-author of Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st Century Organization. Prior to starting her own consulting firm in 1999, she spent 14 years as a high-risk lender in the U.S. and Latin America at Citicorp and Sanwa Business Credit.