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BASIC co-presents: Realities of Impact Investing

November 09, 2015 @ 5:30 PM

Trailblazers and Boston-area initiatives will feature as expert speakers share compelling stories about failures as well as successes in the impact investing space, speaking frankly about the challenges as well as the rewards. RSVP on Eventbrite. 

Speakers will include:

Catherine Gill, Senior Vice President at Root Capital

Lara Metcalf, Managing Director at Social Finance US 

Tim Pennell, Director at Third Sector Capital

Nancy Rosenzweig, Director at Big Path Capital

The event will be moderated by Graham Sinclair, Principal at SinCo - Sustainable Investment Consulting LLC.  After each talk, there will be time for Q&A, and the evening will wrap with open time to connect with speakers and attendees at a nearby bar to be announced.

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About the event partners and the City Awake Festival
Net Impact Boston (NIB) brings you this event in partnership with Women Investing for a Sustainable Economy (WISE) and the Boston Area Sustainable Investment Consortium (BASIC) as part of the second annual City Awake Festival in Boston. The City Awake Festival is a ten-day, city-wide festival that provides the platform to increase awareness and maximize impact of the efforts and initiatives of the for-impact community.

Net Impact is a global association formed to connect, empower, and mobilize like-minded professionals to use their careers to drive transformational change in the workplace and in the world. For Net Impact Boston (NIB), this means serving as a connector and an organizational thought leader in both the social impact and the environmental sustainability arenas. We provide a variety of resources for companies and individuals, including programs that offer a platform to discuss emerging trends, share best practices, and discover new ways to collaborate with each other. With over 800 members, we work alongside organizations like our partners for this event, WISE and BASIC, to make the city a vibrant center of socially responsible business activity.  

Women Investing for a Sustainable Economy (WISE) is a community of women contributing to the ESG investment industry with the purpose of connecting, deepening relationships, learning and sharing expertise. The group's collective aspiration is to lead ESG investing into the mainstream and to do it with fun and camaraderie. WISE members commit to take the call -- ready and willing to support one another.

WISE currently includes over 500 contributing members representing ESG catalysts across the investment ecosystem. This includes public and private asset managers, wealth managers, investment consultants, investors, analysts, data providers, NGOs, and more.

Boston Area Sustainable Investment Consortium (BASIC) was founded in 2009, with a mission is to connect the community of sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) investment professionals in the greater Boston area through educational programs and social networking opportunities.  BASIC proudly hosts a robust series of events throughout the year. BASIC also operates online channels for knowledge sharing, interactive discussion, and organization facilitation.  BASIC’s network consists of nearly 600 individual participants and 23 corporate affiliate members.

About the Moderator
Graham Sinclair is a Principal at SinCo - Sustainable Investment Consulting LLC - a firm that advises investment professionals on moving up the learning and experience curves in ESG. Since 2006, SinCo has designed sustainable investment policies, strategies and indexes that create positive impacts through smarter sustainable investment ecosystems, adaptive ESG skillsets and ESG architecture.

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Special thanks to our MIT campus partner, Net Impact MIT Sloan!