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A Conscious Conversation - about Purpose

A Conscious Conversation - about Purpose

March 21, 2017 @ 6:00 PM

The Conscious Capitalism Boston chapter will bring together a group of leaders to explore purpose – the definitive statement that every conscious business makes about the difference it’s trying to make in the world. In this interactive conversation, groups of leaders will talk about how that purpose comes into being, and how that purpose guides decision-making and behavior.

  • Ed Manzi, CEO, Fidelity Bank
  • Jackie Herskovitz Russell, President, Teak Media + Communication
  • Ellen Fitzgerald, Co-Founder, Mother Juice


Larry Yu, Managing Director, Kite Global Advisors


6:00 pm  Refreshments and networking

6:30 pm  Stories – Moderator introduces the format and the three speakers. Each speaker takes five minutes to tell a personal story of how purpose influenced a decision or became the basis for change within his or her organization.

6:50 pm  Break out into ~3-5 groups 8. Each group will take 30 minutes to brainstorm how purpose factors into decision-making for one (or more) member of the group:

  • How has an explicit purpose statement guided specific decisions - strategic, tactical or operational - in your organization? or
  • How would an explicit purpose statement change decision-making in your organization?
  • What’s the one purpose-related thing you’d like to see happen in your organization?
Panelists and CC founding members to rotate and coach, as needed.

7:20 pm  Report back – Each breakout group takes five minutes to report back to the combined audience on the stories they uncovered.

7:45 pm  Networking