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May Jaw

With multicultural and international education and work experience across the U.S., Canada, and Asia, May has the ability to communicate across a variety of audiences. She is an award-winning PR specialist with a strong background in crisis communications and CSR campaigns. She cares about causes related to the environment, education, and technology, and has been developing and overseeing strategic directions and tactical executions for several projects.

May holds a BA in International Economics and Trade from Renmin University of China, and she will be graduating from University of Massachusetts Boston with an M.B.A. degree and Business Analytics certificate.

Blog Posts

Voices from the Boston Women’s March

At 9 a.m. in the morning, a significant crowd had already gathered; heating up the Boston Common with a cheerful atmosphere for the event scheduled at 11 a.m.

“All the people I know are here” one older lady spoke to her partner. “Seriously, I do not know many people, but they are all here!”

In this peaceful, friendly, nonpartisan assembly, people celebrated the diversity of the United States and delivered messages about equality, dignity, and justice. People displayed creative signs demonstrating their beliefs and values, and photographed others to capture this historic moment.

According to the official announcement, there were over 90,000 people registered to participate the march as of Inauguration Day. Post-march estimates indicate that nearly 175,000 joined the Boston Women's March on January 21st.