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Emily Lambert

Marketing Co-Chair

Emily is a Research Analyst at Baldwin Brothers. She is a member of Baldwin Brothers’ investment team. Emily works on equity research, due diligence for sustainable private debt and community investments and shareholder engagement. Emily joined Baldwin Brothers in 2015. Previously, she worked at Sustainalytics, a responsible investment research firm. Emily earned a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard College.

As Marketing Co-Chair, Emily helps get the word out about BASIC's events and affiliates through BASIC's website and Twitter. Examples include encouraging members to read and write for our blog and to support BASIC by greening their electricity through Mass Energy.

Blog Posts

The Case for a Rigorous ESG Certification

While the broader financial analyst community has its Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification process, the ESG community has nothing comparable and would benefit from the implementation of a process similar to the CFA Program. The ESG certification process would credit individuals possessing a body of knowledge about responsible investment and be earned by having individuals pass one or more examinations with meaningful subject matter and that were sufficiently challenging to have a limited passrate. The certification process suggested must be well respected for being serious and rigorous, in order todemonstrate commitment to the field and value to employers.