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[Event Recap] [BASIC Event] No Food to Waste

Robin Miller

[Event Recap] [BASIC Event] No Food to Waste
BASIC was pleased to collaborate with Net Impact Boston, WISE (Women Investing for a Sustainable Economy) - Boston, and ReFED to facilitate a discussion on May 24, 2017 at Greentown Labs around investment opportunities in the food waste landscape.

Over 70 people came out to hear from our speakers who came from a myriad of perspectives and backgrounds. Allan Pearce, a Shareholder Advocate at Trillium Asset Management presented the view of engagement with public equities; Chris Cochran,  Executive Director at ReFED, discussed the opportunity for innovation within the space; Emma Brown, Creative Marketing and Event Coordinator at Bootstrap Composting, gave the local and regional perspective; and Josh Roach, Managing Partner at Loyd Capital Partners, talked about ways for family and private offices to directly invest in innovative food waste technologies and practices.

After brief introductions, the moderator, Adam Rein, Managing Director at MissionPoint Partners, guided attendees into three breakout discussions focused on 1) institutional investors, 2) local and regional opportunities around Boston, and 3) direct investing and innovation.

Here are a few key takeaways from each discussion circle:
  • Institutional investors have the opportunity to be more active shareowners in the companies they own in their portfolio, and there are many points of engagement including food donations, food recovery, and engaging employees around food waste diversion.
  • On a more local level, there exist several companies working to mitigate food waste, but the challenges now lie in creating more efficient operating systems and processes to be able to serve different market densities.
  • There are ample opportunities along the maturity curve for direct investments depending on the type of investments sought.
Special thanks to Greentown Labs, Trillium Asset Management, and ReFED for sponsoring the space and refreshments and our partners at Mass Energy for greening the event.