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BASIC Announces Research Grant

Marion Rockwood

In honor of our 10th anniversary, BASIC would like to announce a new research grant for projects that benefit the ESG community. The topic and structure possibilities are broad, but the resulting knowledge would belong to the entire community and become part of the public domain. Please send proposals to with a description of your project. The BASIC management team will allocate $500–$1,000 to the winning project(s).

[Event Recap] [Event] Investor Implications of Tax Reform

Emily Lambert

BASIC’s tax reform event focused on both individual and investor implications. Rob Wilson, Research Analyst at MFS,  outlined investor implications while Boston University Law School’s Director of Graduate Tax Reform, Christina Rice, detailed individual-level impacts. Please check out additional resources from Civic Series, our co-host for the event, here. Thanks to Sharon Bort for cultivating this list.

The New Currency: Your Cellphone

Gagan Vaseer

Imagine a world where you never have to carry your wallet or purse around. Your cellphone, a device you always have on hand, allows you to pay for your morning coffee, a ticket to your favorite movie, or even that sweater you’ve been eyeing for a while. Well, what was once considered science fiction, is now more science than fiction, as this has become a reality in China, where the rise of WeChat has revolutionized the mobile payment space. With mobile payments now surpassing $9 trillion a year, eight times greater than the US, the Chinese market has come to embrace their new cashless society.