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Arjuna Capital

Enlightened Engagement in the Capital Markets

At Arjuna Capital, we view our job under the rubric of caregiving.  That is, we take care of our clients.  

Specifically, we take care of their capital and thereby also their financial security.  We shoulder this responsibility with the full seriousness and dedication that clients deserve and expect.

We work primarily with individuals and families, whose trust we must continually earn and in whose lives we play an important part.  On average our clients have been with us for over a decade.

To take care of our clients we must have an ongoing and fairly intimate conversation with them about their hopes, concerns, values and financial goals as well as their tolerance for risk, tax situation, estate planning, charitable giving and the ways they would like to see their capital put to work in society.

Based on this ongoing conversation, clients and their dedicated Arjuna professionals shape an evolving overall financial strategy tailored to the contours of the clients' circumstances.

This approach has been a hallmark of Baldwin Brothers since its inception in 1974. The team at Arjuna Capital likewise has a long history of just this sort of dedication and service to clients.

We believe that clear and effective communication is one of our chief obligations to clients--and in this we distinguish ourselves from most in the financial services industry.  We strive neither to over-communicate or under-communicate.  Striking that balance is a process that varies from client to client. 

A key aspect of our relationship to every client, however, is availability.  If a client has a question he wants to ask, a suggestion she wants to make, a matter they'd like our opinion on, a report they need us to generate, we're available.  Not always immediately, but always in a timely fashion.


  • 353 West Main Street
  • Durham
  • NC


Arjuna Capital

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